Sidra patient safety campaign 2019- “Commitment to Zero Patient Harm”

Sidra Hospital is seeking to provide the best patient care,

From this standpoint, the quality and accreditation department at Sidra Hospital evaluates the awareness campaign entitled Commitment to patients zero harm for 2019,

It takes care of the patients safety inside the hospital with medical staff participation and in addition to the presence of the hospital administration.

Top campaign tips:

Discover some of the ways we work together to provide safe health care:

– Tell us about your health, medicines you take, we use this to plan and provide the care you need and want.
– We clean hands to prevent infection in the hospital. Remind your caregivers and visitors- it’s everyone’s job.
– We double check important information with you, like your name and date of birth.
– If you’re having an operation, we ask you to participate in a “TIME OUT” a process to ensure everything is right: the right patient, the right procedure, and the right site!
– We want to feel comfortable speaking up if you have a question or concern about the care you receive or any medicines you take. You are part of the team.
– Your care team is happy to answer your questions.