Safe pain-relief with minimal side effects

Our anesthesiology department provides safe anesthetic and analgesia services for inpatients and outpatients including epidural anesthesia for pain-free childbirth.

We follow high standards of local and general anesthetic and analgesic procedures before, during and after administration of pain relief medication, enabling you to have a speedy recovery.

We also work closely with your doctors to study your medical case history to factor in allergies, side effects and possible counter indications of administration of different kinds of pain relief and sedatives.

Services and Treatments

  • Pre-operative evaluation and preparation of patients prior to anesthesia.
  • Anesthetic induction and maintenance as well as monitoring of vital
  • Providing post-operative care in PACU (post anesthesia care unit) or in
    ward and management of anesthesia-related events such as shivering,
    vomiting etc.
  • Prescribing pain-killer and IV fluids for post-operative patients.
  • Providing obstetric pain relief including but not limited to epidural
  • Pain clinic for management of chronic back pain.
  • Management of critically ill patients in the ICU.