Your first step to accurate diagnosis

Accurate test results and profiles are the first step towards a holistic diagnosis and customized healthcare solutions.

Sidra Hospital our Laboratory Department is equipped with advanced medical and testing technology to give you speedy, reliable and timely results in a pain-free, convenient and comfortable setting. Our highly qualified laboratory specialists work round the clock to process and deliver your test results at the earliest possible.

Why trust our laboratory?

  • We pride in housing the most modern lab technology in Kuwait.
  • Our lab results follow the Quality Control Program.
  • Our lab also follows the External Quality Control Program.
  • Our multi-disciplinary and integrated healthcare approach ensures that our doctors work closely with lab specialists to provide you with timely diagnosis, treatments and follow-ups.

Tests and profiles

We offer testing for a wide range of conditions as well as general checkup profiles, while upholding your privacy and confidentially at all times and complex conditions.


  • Infertility profile for women.
  • Infertility profile for men.
  • Abortion profile.
  • Hypertension profile.
  • Check up for women aged 40 plus.
  • Osteoporosis test.
  • Lipid profile.
  • Diabetic profile and follow-up.

Bio-chemistry tests

  • Liver function tests.
  • Kidney function tests.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin B12.
  • Vitamin B1.
  • Vitamin B6.

General check-up

Includes 22 parameters
(Liver, kidney, lipids) + CBC.

Hormonal tests

  • Diagnosis of woman infertility.
  • Evaluation of ovulation.
  • Diagnosis of male infertility.
  • Thyroid function tests.
  • Diagnosis of endocrine problems.

Hematology tests

  • Diagnosis of anemia.
  • Diagnosis of coagulation problems.
  • Follow up for anti-coagulant therapy.

Microbiology & blood culture tests

  • All Routine cultures.
  • Chlamydia & Mycoplasma culture.

Routine parasitological test

  • Complete urine test.
  • Routine stool test.