High quality imaging and scans for all ages

Our radiology department uses advanced technology for diagnostic and interventional imaging and radiology services.

Our radiologists are well experienced in providing comprehensive exams and processing fine image quality to ensure that your diagnosis is accurate and timely. We also specialize in radiology and imaging services for the entire family.

Taking every care to ensure you and your family are comfortable and at ease. Following our tradition of patient education, we keep all patients informed at stages of the radiology process to acquaint them with the objective and details of the procedure.

The Radiology Department offers a wide range of services, including:

Conventional X-ray studies

 Bone & joints x-rays
 Spinal x-ray

Fluoroscopy and contrast studies

Bone densitometry

Ultrasound for

 Abdomen, Pelvis, Breast, Thyroid, Musculoskeletal and others
 Regular and 4D

Doppler studies

 Renal and liver
 Renal graft and liver transplantation